Astroport Sariska is India’s first Experiential Tourist destination to merge Mesmerizing Astronomical activities and Organic farming with Hospitality. Surrounded by the Aravallis in the rustic land of Tehla, Sariska Tiger Reserve.
We witness one of the darkest skies in India (Ideal for Star Gazing)

Astroport Sariska Offers


Astro Tourism

Astroport Sariska(Alwar) is India’s first Astronomy and space Experience destination to merge Mesmerizing Astronomical activities and organic farming with Hospitality.

It is built to provide not only the comfort and facilities of a conventional tourist destination but also lead to exploring and learning through well-researched and well-presented Astronomy programs.

Astroport Sariska is the First in India to offer an Astronomy theme-based Resort for a comfortable and luxurious stay under the shining stars in the rustic land of Sariska.

Jungle Tourism

Ideally located near Sariska Tiger Reserve and other famous historical Sites. Nature Walk, Jungle Safari & Bird Watching are famous activities in the area.


Experiential Tourism

Ideally located amidst Corvallis, Astroport Sariska is a perfect amalgamation of luxury and nature- on offer 04 categories of rooms – Luxury cottages with private pools – luxury cottages with pool views – Family cottages & Signature Cottages.

Agro Tourism

We provide several agro toursim experiences for our guests, such as farm tours, organic farming activities, dairy visits, & nature trail and other recreational stuff.


Sustainable Tourism

Astroport Sariska is an Eco Friendly resort

  • 100% Solar powered
  • No plastic Zone ( No packed water bottles or plastic is used)
  • Amenities used are 100% organic
  • No notepads in rooms
  • Farm-to-Table concept Grow vegetables and fruits in premises only.
  • Have poultry and Cow Diary for fresh dairy products.
  • Recycle Concept is strictly followed in which we grow ♻ vegetables and fruits wastage from the kitchen is fed to poultry and Dairy animals and excreted poultry and dairy are fed to a Wormy compost unit for converting into the worm manure which is used in plants. That way Recycle ♻ the process is followed.
  • Have grown 5000+ plants on premises only to promote greener
  • Have 2 Big Rain Water harvesting structures to store rainwater
  • Have used Drip Irrigation for plants to save water wastage
  • Have installed a Biogas plant for staff food preparation.

The Astroport Life is one of the transformational experiences; of parts of the planet that we know intimately and treasure. Experiences for the connoisseur, the adventurous, and those looking for the extraordinary. Experiences that enrich and rejuvenate your soul.

Proudly family-owned and managed, our purpose is to protect, conserve and restore our wilderness, and our culture, and be custodians of the areas where we are situated, at the same time providing our guests with the highest levels of service, comfort, and luxury.

Types of Activities

Stargazing, Telescope Making, Hydro-Air Rocketry, Astro-photography, Satellite Making, Deep sky Objects observation, Safe Solar Observation, Comet Observation, Year Around Celestial Festival, Celebration.

Astronomy Activities

Jungle Safari, Wildlife / Bird Photography, Bird watching, Wildlife Conservation Awareness, Programmes

Wildlife Activities

Nature Trails & Trekking, Farm Tours, Organic Farming & Dairy Experience, Nature Cooking & Dining Experience, Cultural folk music,

Experiential Activities

Glimpses from Astroport

Astronomical Calendar 2023


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